We are a decentralized autonomous team

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About eosvibes

We are a diversified team who live in a variety of locations across the world. After consultation with the EOS community, we have decided to structure ourselves as a DAT; A Decentralised Autonomous Team. The reason we have done this is because we want to be as politically and geographically diversified as possible.

Honour and reputation

EOSVibes is an honour and reputation based organisation. We have created an early draft of our Constitution and made it open source for community input on GitHub. This will be a binding agreement which all members in our DAT will agree to abide by. The EOSVibes DAT will also agree to abide by the EOS Constitution that is currently being drafted.
Core members listed are the ultimate beneficial owners.

Our core team (TELOS)

Parts of the EOSVibes Decentralised Autonomous Team (DAT) have decided to get together and launch a node on the Telos eosio blockchain.

Please find below the equity stakes that each entity has in the EOSVibes Telos BP candidate and node:

The Awakenment

Strategy Lead
Share: 50%

Basit Raza

Engineering Lead
Share: 50%