Our contributions to the EOS community

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The EOSVIBES explorer is our creation to help the EOS community easily track and monitor block producers, backups and candidates.

Our explorer is a multi function tool, that lets the community see real time data on who is producing blocks and RAM pricing. It also complies data points such as BP jurisdiction and server location, votes and 24hr change in voting, enabling people to easily assess and analyse the network setup.

We provide a further layer for the community to take a deeper dive into each BP. By clicking on or searching a specific BP name, users are brought to the BPs individual page, where they get a full view of the their setup. Here they can view the BPs liquid and staked tokens, and also their RAM, CPU and bandwidth. Additionally, BP actions, account permissions and voter info are all listed on their individual page. Greater clarity of operations allows for a more informed active community to thrive.

Most recent additions to the explorer include account activity information, transaction history and airdrops received. More features will continue to be added, aiming to be a one stop shop for the community for all things EOS.

EOSVIBES Account Creator

Currently, the way EOS works is that new accounts can only be created by someone with an existing account.

Creating an account also requires users to stake a certain amount of EOS and to buy some RAM.

To help the community, we provide this handy tool that enables them to create an account as simply as possible, reducing the barriers that people may otherwise face when trying to setup an account. EOSVIBES does not receive any revenues from this tool.

EOSVIBES Proxy Vote & Selection Criteria

The EOSVIBES proxy was created in order to help the community with the voting process. Looking deeper and further for good Block Producers, to increase decentralisation and security of the EOS network.

We will be selecting and voting for BPs from within the top 150. We wish to take this approach in order to try and expand the number of backup block producers. EOS token holders can utilise our analysis and voting recommendation to proxy vote using eosvibesvote

Our Voting Philosophy is fully transparent for the whole EOS community to see. Our criteria for selection is listed below and also on-chain:

  • Technical Proficiency
  • Community Engagement
  • Geographical Location/Jurisdiction
  • Independence
  • Building Tools/dApps for the Community
  • Education
  • Uniqueness
  • eosvibesvote

YouTube Channel & Meetup

A major part of the value that we bring to the EOS community is through education. We provide simple, transparent content on YouTube. Kyle is our strategy lead and his youtube channel The Awakenment has become a great resource of information for the wider EOS community, both in terms of simplifying complex ideas into something which can be universally understood, and also for bringing new topics of discussion to the table with regards the EOS constitution & how it could be potentially developed.

Meetups will continue to play a major role in growing the EOS community. Prior to launch, we held a joint meetup in Dublin with EOS Dublin. The event was a massive success and has set the bar high for our next meetup. We plan to expand our reach through our growing network and bring the good vibes of EOS global.

Talksho: EOS Talkchain: (talksho.io)

Since the massively successful launch of the EOS network, there have been some areas where the community required a new product to be built to fill their needs. We believe that Talkchain is one of those. Built in conjunction with EOSVIBES, Talkchain will be a platform for the EOS community to record videos where they can propose ideas or changes and users will be able to comment and vote on the content. Right now the community do not have an efficient way of expressing ideas or voting on them. Talkchain hopes to solve this issue by bringing an innovative platform into the fold for the community to utilise for idea & concept sharing and also voting.

Technically competent - EOS network Launch

Genesis snapshot and Mainnet launch

One of eight block producer candidates to verify the genesis snapshot during the mainnet launch. EOSVIBES was also heavily involved in practice Bios boot up sequences to prepare for the launch.


Contributed to the second stage of this hiring marketplace dApp now operating independently of EOSVIBES and scheduled to release 2019.