Our value to the EOS community

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Building and launching new Dapps on EOS

Launching quality Dapps on the EOS network is going to be critical for its success. As we have built a Dapp for commercial scale, we require a scalable blockchain solution and that's why we have chosen to build this, and all future Dapps; on the EOS.IO network.

Creating an EOS Incubator

Creating Dapps is what we like to do and we want to create more of them together with the EOS community. All future Dapps we create will have the free Airdrop distribution model at its core.

Block Production Inflation capping is still to be determined, therefore some elements in EOSVibes financial model are also waiting to be finalised. In the future, EOSVibes plans to grow an Incubator for funding the development of new Dapp ideas. New Dapps and projects on EOSVibes radar if our team is voted in as a Block Producer:

  • Education: Dapps
  • Energy: Green or renewable energy solutions for our Block Production activity
  • Property: Purchase property for the benefit of the EOS community

Crowdsourcing ideas from EOS Community

EOSVibes will crowdsource new Dapp ideas from the EOS community. Newly incubated Dapp teams will be given funding, development and marketing support by the EOSVibes DAT.

We also pledge to work closely with all the other EOS Block Producers to collaborate on improving every aspect of the EOS eco-system.

Securing the EOS blockchain

Securing the EOS blockchain in an optimal and transparent manner. See our rig details below.

Our primary rig

Location Gravelines, France
Server Xeon D-1520
Hard disk 2x2TB SATA2
Data center GRA 2
Software Ubuntu 18.04
Network Unlimited traffic with guaranteed bandwidth

Our backup rigs

Location 1 Frankfurt, DEU
Location 2 Amsterdam, NLD
Gravelines, our primary server location