Our value to the EOS community

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Building and launching new Dapps on EOS

Launching quality Dapps on the EOS network is going to be critical for its success. As we have built a Dapp for commercial scale, we require a scalable blockchain solution and that's why we have chosen to build this, and all future Dapps; on the EOS.IO network.

A Sense of Responsibility

We pledge to work closely with all the other EOS Block Producers to collaborate on improving every aspect of the EOS eco-system.

Securing the EOS blockchain

Securing the EOS blockchain in an optimal and transparent manner. See our rig details below.

Our primary rig

Location Gravelines, France
Server Xeon D-1520
Hard disk 2x2TB SATA2
Data center GRA 2
Software Ubuntu 18.04
Network Unlimited traffic with guaranteed bandwidth

Our backup rigs

Location 1 Frankfurt, DEU
Location 2 Amsterdam, NLD
Gravelines, our primary server location